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Sheltered as my life had been, how could I have failed, even in the world of prim bohemia in which I lived, to have heard hints of his world?

Girl With A Pearl Earring Essay

And found the taps were little dolphins made of gold, with chips of turquoise for eyes. When he handed the picture back, the Beast took good care not to scratch the surface with his claws.

I shall take a bath in my own bathroom! Yet only a series of subtle discords flowed from beneath my fingers: And sometimes that face, in stillness when he listened to me playing, with the heavy eyelids folded over eyes that always disturbed me by their absolute absence of light, seemed to me like a mask, as if his real face, the face that truly reflected all the life he had led in the world before he met me, before, even, I was born, as though that face lay underneath this mask.

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He was much older than I; there were streaks of pure silver in his dark mane. I clung to him as though only the one who had inflicted the pain could comfort me for suffering it. And he kissed those blazing rubies, too. Ruined, once; then ruined again, as he had learnt from his lawyers that very morning; at the conclusion of the lengthy, slow attempt to restore his fortunes, he had turned out his pockets to find the cash for petrol to take him home.

Griet is also close to her family as she feels her mother knows her well. The unusually direct contact between subject and spectator, and the slightly parted position of the lips, presents a sense of immediacy so great as to imply significant intimacy.

The unholy silence of the place shattered in an instant.

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I scrubbed the stain with my nail brush but still it would not budge. In the past, her father was a painter too. I am the Beast, and you must call me Beast, while I call you, Thief! My old nurse, who still lived with my mother and me, squinted at the ring askance: It turns out he has business to attend to; his estates, his companies--even on your honeymoon?

The froth spilled over the rim of my glass and drenched my hands, I thought: Vermeer refuses to paint this, so they make a deal. He was blind, of course; but young, with a gentle mouth and grey eyes that fixed upon me although they could not see me.

Griet is tempted by both Vermeer and van Ruijven. His office was a singularly impersonal room, facing inwards, on to the courtyard, as though he wanted to turn his back on the siren sea in order to keep a clear head while he bankrupted a small businessman in Amsterdam or--I noticed with a thrill of distaste--engaged in some business in Laos that must, from certain cryptic references to his amateur botanist's enthusiasm for rare poppies, be to do with opium.

I know quite well that this child I've bought with a handful of coloured stones and the pelts of dead beasts won't run away. The heavy sword, unsheathed, grey as that November morning, sharp as childbirth, mortal.

Johannes Vermeer

In the book, Girl With a Pearl Earring, by Tracy Chevalier, Griet enters into many new relationships with different women, and in each she learns something, and she grows as a person. I could not take refuge in my bedroom, for that retained the memory of his presence trapped in the fathomless silvering of his mirrors.

Into marriage, into exile; I sensed it, I knew it--that, henceforth, I would always be lonely. Turbans were a relatively common accessory in Europe from the 15th century, as is shown by Man in a Red TurbanNational Gallery, Londonthe famous self-portrait by Jan Van Eyck.

Now her thin lips offered me a proud little smile.

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Could they leave me sandwiches and a flask of coffee in my music room? And it was as though the imponderable weight of his desire was a force I might not withstand, not by virtue of its violence but because of its very gravity.

No; I have decided. When she gets out of the house, Griet pierces her ears and wears the earring. Lost, as the victim loses to the executioner.

In the torture chamber, it seemed to me that I would never laugh again; now, helplessly, laugh I did, with relief, and, after a moment's hesitation, the boy's face softened and he smiled a little, almost in shame.

But when time goes by, the feature of hiding her face under her cap seems to fade away, and her attitude changes. She holds both American and Danish citizenship.

The secret of Pandora's box; but he had given me the box, himself, knowing I must learn the secret. Coffee and croissants to console this bridal, solitary waking. And then it was as though a curious child pushed his centime into the slot and set all in motion.

You must remember how ill at ease I was in that luxurious place, how unease had been my constant companion during the whole length of my courtship by this grave satyr who now gently martyrized my hair.Nevertheless, she becomes the reluctant, unforgettable model for his enigmatic portrait, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” (also known as “Head of a Young Girl”).

Tracy Chevalier. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

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How about receiving a customized one? Check it out. The subject of writing and receiving letters, which recurs frequently in the work of Vermeer, is given dramatic tension in this masterful painting of two women in a mysterious moment of crisis.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring Main characters: 1.) Griet: Griet is a protestant girl from Holland who goes to work as a maid in Vermeer's home after her father has an accident that leaves him blind.4/4(1). David Leavitt’s novels and story collections include Family Dancing (finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Prize and the National Book Critics’ Circle Award), Arkansas, The Lost Language of Cranes, While England Sleeps (finalist for the Los Angeles Times Fiction Prize), and The Indian Clerk (finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Prize and shortlisted for the IMPAC/Dublin Award).

Composition. The composition of Girl with a Pearl Earring is delightfully simple. Unlike most of the other paintings by the Delft master, the subject here is only a simple head of a girl .

Girl with the pearl earring essays
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