The mistake of invading sicily at the request of egesta

Little is known about the state of Selinute warships or their disposition at this time. He wrote a letter to Athens, not trusting messengers to give an accurate report, and suggested that they either recall the expedition or send out massive reinforcements.

The Germans were tricked by the Allies concerning the landing place. Thucydides does not provide any speeches from the assembly called to send the sixty ships to Sicily. Second Battle of Syracuse[ edit ] Just as the Athenians were preparing to sail home, on August 28, there was a lunar eclipseand Nicias, described by Thucydides as a particularly superstitious man, asked the priests what he should do.

The survivors, including all the non-combatants, numbered 40, and some of the wounded crawled after them as far as they could go. Their origins are a bit cloudy. The Ionian Greeks, having lost Naxos and Catana to Gelan aggression, responded by creating an alliance between tyrants of Himera and Rhegion.

Nicias suggested they make a show of force and then return home, while Alcibiades said they should encourage revolts against Syracuse, and then attack Syracuse and Selinus. The Athenians then sailed back to Catana for the winter. Syracusans, alert to the situation, began preparations to aid Himera in earnest.

He described the wealth and power of the Sicilian cities Athens would be challenging, and stated that a larger expedition than previously approved would be required, expecting that the prospect of approving such a massive expenditure would prove unappealing to the citizenry.

The city of Segesta —an Athenian ally in the s—went to war against Selinus and, after losing an initial battle, sent to Athens for help.

Sicilian Expedition

When the magnitude of the disaster became evident, there was a general panic. Here,Italians and 32, Germans were killed, wounded or, mostly, captured. The army landed and joined with the cavalry of Segesta. Book Two, Chapter 65 "Fool! His enemies successfully delay the trial, though.

Alcibiades agreed to return in his ship, but when they stopped in southern Italy at Thuriihe escaped and sailed to the Peloponnesewhere he sought refuge in Sparta. The landings in Sicily also contributed to the fall of Mussolini.

The Greek site of Segesta in Sicily, Italy

However, the delay in its authorization allowed a large number of Germans to escape from Sicily. This event was taken very seriously by the Athenian people as it was considered a bad omen for the expedition, as well as evidence of a revolutionary conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Hannibal did not fully invest Selinus by building circumventing walls, [19] as the construction delay might have given Syracuse and other Sicilian Greek cities ample time to send a large army and foil the Carthaginian enterprise. He succeeded in breaching the wall, but was defeated by a force of Boeotians in the Spartan contingent.

Erice and Segesta

The survivors, including all the non-combatants, numbered 40, and some of the wounded crawled after them as far as they could go. The German secret services believed the documents, and the defensive effort was redirected from Sicily to Greece.

After the expedition left for Sicily, the Athenians had accepted all theories and claims of responsibility with little inquiry, throwing one and all into prison and executing many. Many Athenians were trampled to death and others were killed while fighting with fellow Athenians.

He wanted to reduce the number of generals from fifteen to three; Hermocrates, Heraclidesand Sicanus were elected and Hermocrates sent for help from Corinth and Sparta.Livy on the First Punic War. The Roman historian Titus Livius or Livy (59 BCE - 17 CE) is the writer of the authorized version of the history of the Roman republic.

Many of the books of the History of Rome from its beginning are now lost; however, we do have an excerpt, the bookshe described the First Punic War (), in which the Romans conquered Sicily.

Athenian, sent by Athens to Sparta to reply to Sparta's request to buy Athens time to finish building the wall. Pericles Leader in Athens (statesman), rebuilt the Acropolis and rebuilding in general. The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian military but this request was denied. He was otherwise extremely popular and had the support of the entire army; he had also Alcibiades informed Sparta that there would be an invasion of the Peloponnese if Sicily was conquered, and that they should send help to Syracuse and also.

Mar 25,  · I would like to determine what the Allied forces had in mind when they decided to invade Sicily. I have seen many episodes on the Military channel showing the initial landing of troops invading the western part of Sicily. They decided to invade the Italian island, using North African troops, after obtaining victory in Africa.

The invasion of Sicily was decided at the Casablanca Conference, once the alternative options of Sardinia and Corsica had been eliminated. The invasion was later confirmed at. The total number of men may seem small for an invasion of Sicily, but it was a significant commitment of resources and it confirms that they had planned to use diplomacy extensively to meet their ends.

The mistake of invading sicily at the request of egesta
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